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Douglas C. DeVries, Hyde Manufacturing Company, June 2004

Through effective leadership and TUR Planning at Hyde Manufacturing in Southbridge, Massachusetts, Doug DeVries had managed to reduce Hyde's use of toxics to levels well below the reporting thresholds by 1995, and has taken itself out of the TURA regulatory loop completely ever since. Doug continues to seek TUR and waste reduction techniques. In the past decade, Hyde has reduced hazardous waste by 93% and non-hazardous waste over 85%. Hyde continues to achieve $150,000 in annual cost savings, including $9,000 saved annually by recycling in the lacquering area, and a 7,000% rate of return on capital invested in a new filter system. He has also fostered innovative solutions to packaging, in some instances completely eliminating the need for cardboard and plastic in individual packaging of Hyde's products.

Note: Douglas DeVries passed away not long after he received this award. Doug DeVries was not only a Toxics Use Reduction (TUR) champion, but also a good friend to the TUR program. He was a mentor to many TUR practitioners and an educator at heart. He believed that everyone at the company, if given the opportunity, skills, and knowledge, could contribute to making Hyde a more sustainable company. His beliefs proved to be true. Doug also believed that if his company was open to visits from others, the learning opportunities would be abundant and that the learning process would be mutually beneficial. Again he was correct. He often commented that visitors brought a new set of eyes to his processes, and that he always learned something new. His visitors expressed similar sentiments. We miss Doug's energy, enthusiasm, and caring for workers, the community and the environment.