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Silver Hanger Cleaners

Silver Hanger Cleaners converted their dry cleaning plant to dedicated wet cleaning technology to eliminate the use of perchloroethylene (perc), a probable human carcinogen classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Mark Isabelle, owner of Silver Hanger Cleaners for 14 years, renovated his store at 5A Mechanic Street, removed the perc machine, and installed wet cleaning equipment, a safer alternative that allows "dry-clean-only" clothes to be washed with water and detergents in computer controlled machines.

Soon he will be offering the most environmentally friendly cleaning option to his customers. Mark Isabelle is an excellent role model for other Massachusetts dry cleaners and a leader in his industry. He will collect cost data and analyze the differences between using perc and using wet cleaning technologies. TURI will use this information to encourage other dry cleaners to convert to professional wet cleaning. Within the year, he will host a demonstration at his site to encourage more Massachusetts cleaners to make the switch.