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Small Businesses

Moreno Auto Body
Moreno Auto Body in Roxbury replaced toxic spray gun washing chemicals with a more effective and less expensive water-based system.

Many small manufacturers and businesses use toxic or hazardous materials such as paints, solvents, oils, greases, and inks in their daily operations that can adversely impact human health and the environment. Because small companies are often located near residential centers, and because they sometimes lack the resources to hire staff dedicated to environmental and chemical management, they may pose possible public and occupational health concerns.

Most companies are conscientious about meeting the environmental requirements and properly managing their toxic chemicals. As environmental regulations continue to become more stringent, small businesses and manufacturers are seeking ways to reduce their operating expenses. Community groups and local governments work collaboratively with small businesses to raise awareness and reduce toxic chemical use.

Pollution prevention and toxics use reduction are cost-effective approaches to environmental management and make good business sense. Preventing waste at the source minimizes costs for treatment or disposal. It can also help a company operate more efficiently. Using less toxic materials means a safer environment for employees and neighbors.

Small Business Grants

Our Small Business Grants funds facilities who are looking to start reducing the use of toxic chemicals in their practice.  Please view our grant page for further information.