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Dry Cleaning

Dedicated Wet Cleaning Incentive Grants

TURI is seeking grant applications from dry cleaners in Western, Mass. Please download the short application on the right.

TURI has been providing matching grants to dry cleaners in Massachusetts who are switching from using perc to dedicated professional wet cleaning. Part of the grant requirement is to become a demonstration site so that other dry cleaners across the Commonwealth can learn about the technology.

To learn more about the grant program, download the grant description and application in the right-hand box. Also contact Joy Onasch.

Wet cleaning demonstration
TURI helps dry cleaners learn about the safer wet cleaning option through demonstration sites

What is the Alternative?

TURI recently completed an alternatives assessment to perchloroethylene, comparing seven common alternatives to help dry cleaners find technically viable and environmentally preferred methods for cleaning clothes. We produced two documents - a four-page fact sheet summary and the detailed 56-page report.

The safer alternative for “dry-clean-only” clothes, professional wet cleaning, uses water and detergents in computer-controlled machines and then finished with tensioning and pressing equipment to achieve exceptional quality results.

See the video of Mark Isabelle, owner of Silver Hanger Cleaners -- also available in Korean.  

Wet cleaning handout image

Dry cleaners who have made the switch to professional wet cleaning describe the benefits in this

For Consumers - Find a wet cleaner near you.