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DfE's Alternatives Assessment Program helps industries choose safer chemicals for applications such as fire safety in circuit boards and furniture. Alternatives assessments provide a basis for informed decision making by developing an in-depth comparison of potential human health and environmental impacts.
- US EPA DfE website: http://www.epa.gov/dfe/ alternative_assessments.html

Design for Environment

Design for Environment

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EPA's DfE program helps companies identify safer chemistries for their specific applications

The US EPA Design for Environment (DfE) program utilizes alternatives assessment as its primary tool for identifying safer, effective and affordable alternatives to chemicals of concern. The chemicals studied have been identified by the US EPA based on prevalence of use and particular concern from an environmental and human health perspective, or because of increased potential for impact on the public.

The DfE approach works at the product design phase, and leads industries and consumers toward a more productive, less risky environment. It is a proactive action that avoids unrecoverable damages and reduces need for end-of-pipe technologies.