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In Massachusetts, companies have reduced their use of unsafe chemicals. The storage and transport of these materials could be targets for terroism, and their reduced presence means a safer region. TURI has 15 years of experience in helping companies and communities become safer through the choice of safer alternatives in materials and processes.

CFATS, the Anti-Terrorism Regulations

Here is a quote from Scott Butner, who is the Director of Chemalliance:

" In the aftermath of the terrorist events of 9/11/2001, many decision makers in government and industry became acutely aware of the risks that our modern technological society presents. Probably no industry was more impacted than the chemical manufacturing industry, which is responsible for the handling and processing of thousands of toxic, flammable, and explosive materials. "

Scott Butner's presentation on Chemical Security and Greener Processes, given at the TURI Continuing Ed Course, Sturbridge MA on April 12, 2007 includes valuable information about the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) regulations.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection through toxics use reduction is good for business because it reduces waste and builds stability. At the TURI Continuing Education training conference on April 13, 2004, a presentation by Frank Marino of Raytheon offered support and guidance for protecting assets to build security.