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Councils and Committees

Three groups of state officials, scientists and citizens determine policy under the Toxics Use Reduction Act:

The Administrative Council

Composed of the heads of 6 state government agencies or their designees, the council has the authority to establish the focus of the TURA program by designating higher and lower hazard substances, and to initiate discussion and research to make those determinations.

The Advisory Committee

The committee provides the Administrative Council with the perspectives and expertise of a range of stakeholders.

The Science Advisory Board (SAB)

To bring together science and policy on toxic chemicals, the Governor appoints this nine member board. TURI considers the SAB's advice in its policy reports to the council on issues such as regulation of toxic chemicals according to relative toxicity, and the addition or deletion of chemicals from the TURA chemical list.

The public is empowered to request listing or delisting, and is welcome to attend any of the meetings of the SAB.