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July 2008 - Policy Analysis for CERCLA Chemicals

Policy Analyses for CERCLA Chemicals

Statutory amendments to the Toxics Use Reduction Act in 2006 required the Science Advisory Board (SAB) and the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) to review the substances on the TURA Toxic or Hazardous Substances List originating from the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) list and make a recommendation to the Council as to which substances should be retained. In order to make review of this list manageable, the SAB and TURI considered the CERCLA chemicals in two principal groups: those that have been reported under TURA at some point, and those that have never been reported under TURA.

A decision to retain a substance means that TURA requirements for that substance will remain unchanged. A decision to take no action on a substance means that the substance will be removed from the TURA Toxic or Hazardous Substances List.

The documents shown on this page present the SAB's and TURI's recommendations to retain or take no action on both reported and never reported CERCLA chemicals. This information, along with recommendations of the Advisory Committee, was presented to the Administrative Council on July 18, 2008. At that meeting, the Council voted to retain all the substances recommended for retention by the SAB. The Council has not yet made a decision on those substances that were recommended by the SAB for no action. After a Council vote, the next step is the regulatory process, in which there will be draft regulations issued, time for public comment, and then final regulations promulgated.

Policy Analysis for CERCLA Chemicals reported under TURA

Policy Analysis for CERCLA Chemicals never reported under TURA