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Cleaning Chemistry Basics

Surface cleaning or degreasing is the removal of contamination, or unwanted material, from a surface. Cleaning may be necessary for successful part performance in subsequent operations or may simply be performed for aesthetic reasons. The information provided will help you to get a better understanding of what surface cleaning is all about.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ten Tips to Find Safer Cleaners

Glowing customer endorsements or pictures of animals and the use of the color green on a label does not mean that a product is safe. Educate yourself by following these ten tips. Read more...

Laboratory Testing Brochure

  Put Your Greener Cleaner to the Test: 4 Ways the TURI Laboratory Helps You Measure Up to the Best Download PDF file (1.45 MB)

Product Classifications

There are many types of cleaning alternatives avaiable to choose from. Read about the different classes of products. Read more...

Selecting Solvent Substitutes

Identifying a substitute for solvents in cleaning applications is not an easy task. There are thousands of formulations to choose from. Here are some helpful tips to guide you. Read more...

Cleaning in healthcare facilities

  Written by the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, the document summarizes the main health and environmental impacts related to conventional surface cleaning, describes a systems approach for designing and implementing healthier and environmentally friendlier cleaning strategies for the healthcare sector.

URL:  http://www.sustainableproduction.org/downloads/CleaninginHealthcareFacilities.pdf

Chemical Safety Course

A special two-day seminar for decision-makers who must balance economics and the environment in today's global marketplace. We'll help you demystify making sound financial decisions for the environment and for worker health and safety. Read more...