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DIY Bathroom Cleaners

To learn more about the health and safety click on the ingredient's name

To find out if the products were effective in lab testing click on the link in the Lab Tested column. The links will bring you to the lab's CleanerSolutions database website. The Lab Tested column header link summarizes the testing process.

Keep in mind that the DIY formulations that did not work in the lab can still work at home under modified conditions.

For example:

  • longer cleaning time
  • more "elbow grease"
  • rinsing

See a formulation that you want us to test? Email the lab and we will test it for you. Please include Formulation number in email.

Ingredients Notes Effective in Lab Lab Tested
 Toilet Bowl
Baking soda and vinegar Sprinkle baking soda in bowl, then squirt with vinegar and scrub. Cleans & deodorizes No See Results for Formulation 17
Borax and lemon juice or vinegar make a paste

Removes stubborn stains like toilet bowl ring

For a tough stain flush toilet to wet the bowl and then apply the paste to the stain and let sit for 2 hours

No See Results for Formulation 18
Denture tabs are good substitute for toilet cleaner Drop 2 tablets in the bowl and scrub as usual Yes See Results for Formulation 19
Liquid castile soap and baking soda or borax Scrub toilet No See Results for Formulation 20
Baking soda and Murphy's oil soap Sprinkle baking soda in the wet bowl. Add a couple drops of soap and scrub bowl. Flush toilet to rinse. No See Results for Formulation 21
 Tub & Tile Cleaners
Baking soda Sprinkle it on the tub/tile and scrub with a damp sponge No See Results for Formulation 22
Vinegar and baking soda Will remove film buildup on the tub. Apply vinegar on a sponge and wipe tiles. Use baking soda as you would a scouring powder. Rinse thoroughly No See Results for Formulation 23
¼ cup vinegar in gallon water Use on surfaces that have films or need more cleaning Yes See Results for Formulation 24
Baking soda and water paste To clean grout. Put paste on grout with toothbrush or sponge, scrub grout and then rinse No See Results for Formulation 25
Half a lemon dipped in borax Rub area to be cleaned rinse well and dry with soft cloth No See Results for Formulation 26
Baking soda and Murphy's oil soap Use baking soda in place of scouring powder. Sprinkle baking soda on wet tub and rub. Then add some soap and continue scrubbing. Rinse well No See Results for Formulation 27
Liquid castile soap (medium amount) and baking soda/borax     Not Tested (Formulation 30)
 Fixtures: General
2 tablespoon baking soda in 1 quart water Clean plumbing fixtures. Wipe on then rinse   Not Tested (Formulation 31)
Vinegar soaked paper towels Hard lime deposits can be removed by putting on the deposits for about an hour   Not Tested (Formulation 32)
 Fixtures: Porcelain
Cream of Tartar Sprinkle on a damp cloth   Not Tested (Formulation 33)
 Fixtures: Shower head
½ cup vinegar and one quart water

Metal (hard water deposits)

Put shower head in mixture and boil water for 15 minutes

  Not Tested (Formulation 34)
1 pint white vinegar and 1 pint hot water


Soak shower head and soak for about an hour

  Not Tested (Formulation 35)
 Fixtures: Drain Cleaners
½ cup baking soda, 1 cup white vinegar, 1 gallon boiling water, ½ a used lemon Pour baking soda down drain/disposal, follow with the vinegar. Allow the mixture to foam for a few minutes before flushing the drain with boiling water. For slow drains, use once a week to keep drains fresh and clear   Not Tested (Formulation 36)

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