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DIY Metal Cleaners

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See a formulation that you want us to test? Email the lab and we will test it for you. Please include Formulation number in email.

Ingredients Notes Lab Tested
Baking soda and water paste   Not Tested (Formulation 5)
Toothpaste Use a soft bristled toothbrush and warm water Not Tested (Formulation 60)
Paste of cornstarch and water Use a damp cloth to apply, let dry, rub off with a soft rag Not Tested (Formulation 63)
Salted water To remove tarnish, soak silver in an aluminum container and wipe clean Not Tested (Formulation 64)
Boiling water, baking soda, salt and a piece of aluminum foil Soak Not Tested (Formulation 65)
 Brass & Pewter
Mix equal parts salt and flour with vinegar Rub Not Tested (Formulation 66)
Undiluted vinegar   Not Tested (Formulation 10)
Undiluted baby oil   Not Tested (Formulation 67)
Lemon juice and salt Rub Not Tested (Formulation 68)
Hot vinegar and salt Rub Not Tested (Formulation 69)
 Stainless Steel
Paste of baking soda and water Rub Not Tested (Formulation 5)
Eye Glass Cleaner
¾ rubbing alcohol, ¼ water and a few drops of dish soap Put in a spray bottle and clean off with a soft cloth Not Tested (Formulation 70)

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