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DIY Health and Safety Information

Ingredients for Home Recipes for Cleaning

Basic health and safety information on ingredients collected from Material Safety Data Sheets.*

Check out the "What Does This Mean?" section at the bottom of each ingredient page to help you better understand the health and safety information gathered from a MSDS for the ingredient.

Click on an ingredient in the table to find out about any possible health and safety information.

Baby oil Cornstarch Hydrogen peroxide Liquid castile soap Orange rinds/oil Vegetable shortening
Baking soda Cream of tartar Isopropyl alcohol Mayonnaise Peanut butter Vinegar
Beeswax Denture tabs Lavender oil Meat of walnut Salt Vodka
Bon Ami Dish soap Lemon juice/oil Milk Tea tree oil Washing soda
Borax Eucalyptus essential oil Light mineral oil Murphy's oil Toothpaste  
Chalk Flour Linseed oil Olive oil Vegetable oil