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Anni Geng

Anni Geng

Anni Geng at the TURI Lab
Anni Geng at the TURI Lab

Occupational and Environmental Hygiene---Work Environment Department

1st year Master's

Beijing, China


Semesters at TURI Lab: 1
Background: I obtained MS degree from Chemistry department, biochemistry option at UMass Lowell in 2010. Then I transferred to WED since the Occupational and Environmental Hygiene program to accommodate with my personal plan in future. Also the practical application interested me a lot. The program combines with science, engineer, and liberal arts, which is a challenge to me. The most appealing part in this program is the close relationship to human being. I start to learn to diagnose exposure problems, develop sampling strategies, and collect and measure samples to diagnose environmental risk factors that threaten worker health and safety.
Projects worked on: Trio, ProTeam, Common Good, Umicore, SunShine, Chemspec, Hand Soap, etc.

Favorite part of working at TURI: 

I came to TURI at the same time I enrolled in WED. The jobs in TURI are so related to my major therefore it is the best way to integrate theoretical courses with actual industrial practice. I’m proud of being a part of TURI when the teachers introduce TURI’s duty in class. This is a great help to me in studying school works since I didn't have any Environmental Science background.  In TURI The environment in lab is free and friendly, the time is flexible and the jobs are really different from one to another and therefore I feel fresh every day.

As an international student, it usually takes me more time to adapt the new environment. I felt lost at the beginning since I encountered many new machines and methods. The managers and colleagues are really kind and patient in teaching and explaining in details. I feel welcomed and happy to involve in working with others. I also make many new American friends here. 

Past jobs: I worked as a Teaching Assistant in Chemistry Department for 2 years since 2009. In 2010, I traveled to Savannah, GA for an internship in Memorial Medical Center as a lab worker in prostate cancer research. TURI’s works are more related to industrial and straight forward, practical in daily life.
Skills Learned at TURI Lab: I learned how to use different machines and instruments to test the performance of cleaning product. Also, my oral and writing in English is enhanced.  I felt I’m not only doing the test for industry, also for myself. Sometimes I was asked the good product for cleaning, and I can answer with confidence which since we did the test.