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Digvijay Devkota

Digvijay Devkota

Chemical /Biological Engineering


Medford, MA (originally Nepal)


Semesters at TURI Lab: 2
Background: Chemical Engineering program is the broad field which includes plant design, plant operation, and manufacture, industrial process for chemical and other products. Chemical engineer can work in variety of field such as biological engineering, paper engineering, plastics engineering, bio-medical engineering, and nanotechnology.
As a student lab assistant at TURI-Surface Solution Laboratory, I learned a lot about different cleaning solutions that are non-toxic which can be used in our daily life. I also learned about different techniques and equipment used in cleaning purpose test.
After graduation, I want to work in manufacturing company. I also want to go for higher study after gaining some work experience. 
Projects worked on: Non-Client testing for ingredient performance and on a few other projects too. 
Favorite part of working at TURI: Everyone here is nice, you can work independently and get help when needed and of course pizza parties. 
Past jobs: I used to work at Au Bon Pain (bakery cafĂ©) as a cashier. You cannot really compare TURI lab with Au Bon Pain because both are two different fields. But from TURI, I have gained the experience related to my field which will definitely help in building in resume.
Skills Learned at TURI Lab: I have learned to work as a team which is very important in every field and I learned to perform individually too. Then I learned about different type of cleaning solutions, how to identify them, different types of cleaning techniques and how to use those equipment like gravimetric manual wiping, ultrasonic tank, immersion tank, gloss meter, how to store used chemicals and how to organize chemicals inside the lab.