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Mina Le

Mina Le

Mina Le at the TURI Lab
Mina Le at the TURI Lab

Chemical Engineering - Biological Engineering Option




Semesters at TURI Lab: 3
Background: I worked in a research lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for two years during high school. It was here that I discovered my passion as a Chemical Engineer. For two years, every weekday I would work with technology created by Chemical Engineers. These include thermocyclers, spectrophotometers, glucometers, and electrophoresis machines. In working with these technologies I developed a strong curiosity about the mechanisms that enables it to function. I use thermocyclers to quantify the amount of DNA sample I have. Thermocyclers have allowed researchers to do much more since they are not limited to the amount of sample they have to work with. But the interesting part for me was this small and amazing machine that was able to reduce our workload and increase our chances for discovery. Little by little every day, I discover my interest leaning more towards these machines rather than my research topic.
Projects worked on: DIY, EZ Finishes, HydroClean Technologies, Trio(DCC-17), Sunstate, Umicore, MassCor, ProTeam Vac
Favorite part of working at TURI: TURI provides a friendly environment that accepts new methods/views of performing a task. I am not afraid to question the purpose of a procedure and through this I have been able to incorporate new methods into my own procedures. TURI is also the first place in which I obtained experience in the Chemical Engineering field. 
Past jobs: Before I entered the TURI Lab, my past jobs leaned more towards the medical sciences (research and OR) rather than Chemical Engineering. TURI is a great stepping stone that helped me engage in Chemical Engineering. I am able to work on projects that have a purpose- work that involves reducing the toxicity in everyday and industrial products.
Skills Learned at TURI Lab: Operation of the In Line Straight Washability Unit, Handling of Chemicals, Management of equipment/materials, Organization of experiments, and Utilization of Microsoft Excel and Word.