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Going Green for Cleaning

Are You a Manufacturer Looking to Find Safer Ways to Clean Parts?

Companies that need to clean parts in manufacturing may use a variety of chemical solvents such as TCE, methylene chloride, toluene, benzene, mineral spirits, methyl ethyl ketone, and hydrocarbons.  The Lab has the experience and know how to help metal finishing, solar, military and electronics sectors find safer substitutes or processes. We provide free on site technical assistance and testing for Massachusetts companies.

Are You a Hospital, School or any Institution Looking for Safer Cleaning Products for Your Facility?

Many facility managers at hospitals, schools, and government buildings are on the search for green cleaners to improve air quality and the health of residents and workers. Within the last few years, many new eco-friendly cleaning products have come on the market. Some manufacturers are able to apply for third-party certifications that substantiate claims, making it easier for managers to make good decisions.

Are You a Product Formulator of Cleaning Products?

The TURI Lab offers janitorial cleaning product formulators a variety of services that could raise visibility of products and improve formulations. Your products could be included in the CleanerSolutions database by simply filling out the form on the right and sending Materials Safety Data Sheets and  Technical Data Sheets. If you need performance testing done as you develop new products, contact us for information and pricing quotes. TURI also offers validation testing for label certifications such as Green Seal or government purchasing programs.

What do you do when you find out an ingredient in your formulation does not meet all of the criteria for green certifications and you lack the research staff and time to investigate an alternative ingredient solution? Do you just walk away from the green cleaning products market and hope for the best? Or do you reach out for help? Contact the TURI Lab to help you find a safe and effective alternative formulation to ensure your product is safe for the surfaces it cleans, the environment, animals and humans. We have been recognized by EPA as a Champion of their Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative for our efforts.


Are You a Dry Cleaner who Uses Perchlorethylene?

TURI provides technical assistance and grant funding for Massachusetts dry cleaners who who want to make the switch from perc to wet cleaning technologies. Wet cleaning allows for “dry-clean-only” clothes to be washed with water and detergents in computer-controlled machines and then finished with tensioning and pressing equipment. It has been proven to be an effective and safer replacement to perchloroethylene, a probable human carcinogen.