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Additional Safety Research Tools

Other resources that you can use for Environmental and Health Assessments include:

Pollution Prevention Options Assessment System - P2OASys

The Institute has developed a systematic tool that helps companies determine whether the TUR options they are considering may have unforeseen negative environmental, worker or public health impacts. P2OASys allows companies to assess the potential environmental, worker, and public health impacts of alternative technologies aimed at reducing toxics use. The goal is more comprehensive and systematic thinking about the potential hazards posed by current and alternative processes identified during the TUR planning process.


Score Card

Environmental Defense's Scorecard.org website enables visitors to easily access pollution reports covering toxic releases, air quality, and other environmental issues in their community. Scorecard averages around 100,000 unique visitors monthly, making it Google's top ranked website for information about toxic chemicals and local pollution. Since Scorecard's launch in 1998, other environmental information sources have come online, although it appears that no others spotlight the worst-ranked facilities nationwide or integrate health effect with emissions data.

Green Seal

The Green Seal is awarded to products that have less impact on the environment and work well. To earn the Green Seal a product must meet the Green Seal environmental standard for the category as demonstrated by rigorous evaluation and testing and a plant visit. Green Seal standards are set so that they identify the most environmentally preferable products currently available; thus, they are leadership standards.

Aqueous Way To Go

Aqueous Way to Go is an interactive, web-based matrix tool for environmental decision-making.