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These presentations are by members of this Peer Network or by Institute staff. You will find them useful for building your own knowledge, for use as is for outreach training in your own facility, or for ideas for creating training tools.

Auditing Your EMS: A Workshop

Internal Auditing One-day Training

Guidance Summary: Dec 2007 Presentation

  This presentation summarizes the main points found in the TURA EMS guidance, and is intended to be used as a quick guide, not a substitute for the guidance document itself Download PDF file (398.91 kB)

EMS Overview:Why and What

  This welcome to the EMS Peer Worgroup from Brad Mitchel of Intelicoat tells why his company is implementing an EMS and gives an overview of what such a management system is. Download PDF file (298.82 kB)

Overview of an EMS from Teradyne

  Julie Davis of Teradyne offers an overview of EMS in this presentation, which was offered at the first Peer Mentoring Workgroup meeting at Teradyne. Download PDF file (627.61 kB)

Awarness: Why do an EMS?

  Helen Waldorf of MAssachusetts DEP created this dramatic slide show. Download PDF file (1.78 MB)

Awareness: The TURI Peer Mentoring Workgroups

  Reasons for implementing an EMS are included here. Download PDF file (1.83 MB)

Awareness: What is your role and why is it important?

  Nypro uses this presentation to build staff awareness about their EMS and staff responsibilities to support conformance to the system. Download PDF file (120.80 kB)

Determining Aspects, from Heidelberg Web Systems

  Ken Jones of Heidelberg Web Systems created this lucid description of the survey process they used to determine aspects at this large press equipment manufacturer. Download PDF file (1.78 MB)

Internal Auditor Training from TURI

  This presentation is the full Internal Auditor one-day workshop from TURI, which is offered once or twice each year. Download PDF file (443.87 kB)