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Industry Grants

TURI encourages Massachusetts manufacturing facilities to consider, implement and share information about toxics use reduction (TUR) options. TURI helps this process by offering industry grants up to $30,000. The deadline for this year's proposals has passed. However, we encourage you to discuss project ideas with Pam Eliason now to prepare for applying for next year's grants. View this year's grant overview and application

Some of the most effective TUR options are associated with modification or modernization of processes that use toxic chemicals. These opportunities can sometimes be difficult to take advantage of when the associated payback period or return on investment does not meet company investment requirements. TURI offers grants to qualified Massachusetts manufacturers to implement process modification or modernization opportunities that would otherwise not be economically feasible. For a company wishing to install and implement an innovative process modification or modernization, Industry Grants of up to $30,000 are available.

Who’s Eligible:

Massachusetts manufacturers that: 

  • Have a manufacturing facility in Massachusetts that will be the location of the grant project 
  • Are part of a TURA regulated sector (SIC 10- 14, 20-39, 40, 44-51, 72, 73, 75, or 76)

Preference is given for companies that: 

Applying for an Industry Grant

Application for an Industry Grant is intended to be a competitive yet simple process for Massachusetts companies. The application process begins with the submission of a completed application form. Following receipt of the application, TURI will contact the company’s primary technical contact directly to gather additional information needed to make a decision. This typically includes an on-site visit to better understand the proposed project and its potential benefits. While the deadline for the application is in mid-June, TURI may have some flexibility to consider applications received throughout the year. Please note: surface preparation projects that would benefit from preliminary technical research (such as investigation of safer cleaning processes) may be directed to TURI’s Cleaning Laboratory prior to consideration for a grant award. The TURI Lab has significant expertise in the identification of safer cleaners, and provides targeted benchtop and pilot testing to demonstrate efficacy of possible alternatives. To learn more go to www.turi.org/Laboratory.

Successful Industry Grants: 

  • Have specific TUR benefits that can be measured and demonstrated; 
  • Are related to process changes that are relevant to other Massachusetts facility operations; 
  • Are designed to enhance the competitive advantage of the facility; and 
  • Have strong support from upper management

Demonstrating Your Success

Because the overarching goal of this program is to disseminate information about TUR options widely throughout the Massachusetts manufacturing universe, facilities that receive an Industry Grant are required to demonstrate their processes and share information about project elements that contributed to their TUR success. Once awarded an Industry Grant, companies are expected to begin implementation of their TUR project such that demonstration of the fully functional new process can be conducted in a timely manner (typically this is expected to be within 6 months of completion of the project, and no more than 9 months after the grant is awarded). TURI will provide assistance to the host facility in preparing for the on-site demonstrations, including preparation of the agenda and content. Maximizing the public outreach and recognition of an awardee’s progress is an important benefit of this program. For the on-site demonstration of the project, TURI will work with the host facility to identify attendees, including TUR Planners and local and state public officials. The grantee will have final approval of any on-site visitors. Hosts may reserve the right to restrict access to sensitive areas of their facility while providing tours of the pertinent process areas.

Case Studies

Case studies are a valuable resource for other companies considering similar process changes in their manufacturing facilities. As part of the Industry Grant, the grantee is required to provide adequate information and insights from which TURI can craft a case study about the project. TURI will work collaboratively with the grantee to create the final document. The case study will be made publicly available via TURI’s website (www.turi.org). A brief handout may also be created so that individuals attending the on-site demonstration of your project have information they can bring away with them in the event the case study has not yet been completed. TURI will take the lead in crafting and finalizing the handout and the case study, with clear approval of content from the grantee.