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Small Business Grants

TURI offers grants to qualified Massachusetts small businesses to change their processes or replace their toxic chemicals with safer alternatives that may not otherwise be economically feasible. Small Business Grants of up to $10,000 are available. The deadline for this year's proposals has passed. However, we encourage you to discuss project ideas with Joy Onasch now to prepare for applying for next year's grants. View this year's grant overview and application.

Who’s Eligible

Both for-profit and not-for-profit entities that:

  • Are very small (typically less than 10 employees) 
  • Are locally based (i.e. not part of an out-of-state franchise) 
  • Provide services directly to the community and consumers 
  • Are prepared to purchase and install new equipment or materials to reduce their use of toxic chemicals 
  • Will allow TURI to collect data on their materials usage or processes

Small Business Sector Eligibility

Massachusetts small businesses that may be eligible for this grant, and are of particular interest to TURI include, but are not limited to: 

  • Dry cleaners 
  • Nail salons 
  • Hair salons 
  • Auto repair shops 
  • Auto body & tire shops 
  • Car or truck washes 
  • Mortuaries 
  • Bathtub or furniture refinishers 
  • Restaurants 
  • Gymnasiums 
  • Janitorial/house cleaning groups
  • Microbreweries
  • Child care facilities

Past small business grant projects include: 

  • Conversion of solvent-based dry cleaning to dedicated wet cleaning 
  • Replacing solvent-based paint gun washers with water-based alternatives 
  • Reducing caustic cleaners and acid rinses in clean-in-place processes
  • Using green-certified cleaners at child care facilities to replace conventional cleaners

Applying for a Small Business Grant

Applying for a Small Business Grant is intended to be a competitive yet simple process for Massachusetts small businesses. The application process begins with the submission of the application form. Following receipt of the application, TURI will contact the company’s primary contact directly to gather additional information needed to make a decision. This typically includes an on-site visit to better understand the proposed project and its potential benefits. Program funding is limited and submitting an application is no guarantee that a grant will be awarded. Should you be awarded this grant, you will be supplied with a contract to sign.

Successful Small Business Grants: 

  • Have specific benefits that can be measured and demonstrated; 
  • Are related to process or material changes that are relevant to other Massachusetts small businesses; and 
  • Are designed to enhance the competitive advantage of the facility

Small business grants are NOT appropriate for projects focused on controlling exposure or emissions (such as ventilation) from a process that uses toxic chemicals or recycling of waste once generated.

Case Studies

Case studies are a valuable resource for other small businesses considering similar process or material changes in their facilities. As part of the Small Business Grant, the grantee is required to provide adequate information and insights from which TURI can craft a case study about the project. TURI will work collaboratively with the grantee to create the final document. The case study will be made publicly available via TURI’s website.