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Alternatives Assessment Guidance


TURI conducted an assessment of alternatives to five chemicals of concern in 2006.  As part of this seminal work, we created guidance for the process.

Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse

The IC2 is a collaboration between multiple US States interested in promoting the use of Alternatives Assessment as the preferred method for creating a safer chemicals economy.  The IC2 Alternatives Assessment Guide is the comprehensive modular guidance developed by this group.

US Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA Design for Environment (DfE) program released "Alternatives Assessment Criteria for Hazard Evaluation" in November 2010. The document goes through the step-by-step process that DfE uses in conducting alternatives assessments for chemicals as part of the EPA's Chemical Action Plans.

European Union

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published "Guidance on the preparation of an application for authorisation" in January 2011. That guidance includes a template for an assessment of alternatives to be conducted when applying for authorization of a chemical under REACH. It also provides some information on substitution planning and socio-economic analysis.