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Chemical Hazard Comparison Tools

Hazard Display Methods

 Methods for displaying data to facilitate decision making

  •  EPA's Design for the Environment process. The DfE program released "Alternatives Assessment Criteria for Hazard Evaluation" in November 2010. This guidance goes through the step-by-step process that DfE is using in conducting alternatives assessments for chemicals as part of the EPA's Chemical Action Plans.
  •  Healthy Building Network Pharos Project - a tool to evaluate building materials

Screening Methods 

Tools for more quickly identifying preferable chemicals

  •  Swedish KemI PRIO model - The criteria for the “PRIO substances” have been selected based on the Swedish Environmental Quality Objective for a Non-Toxic Environment (Government Bill 2000/01:652), and in consideration of the EU chemicals legislation REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals).
  •  German Institute for Occupational Safety Column Model - The Institute (IFA) has developed the Column Model to provide industry with a practical aid for the identification of possible substitutes. Very little information on the products is needed to carry out the assessment. The model uses risk-phrases to quickly characterize the "employee risk" associated with a chemical being assessed.