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Bio-based Materials

Bio Based Alternative Solvents

SSL has investigated several solvents based on renewable feed stocks. The laboratory focused its testing on product performance on a variety of soils, substrates. Read more...

Technical Performance Evaluation of the Potential Biobased Floor Strippers, 2008

  Biobased products may soon replace most petroleum based chemicals, industrial products and composite materials. Advocates emphasize that these products are environmentally friendlier, safer and healthier for the users. Others argue that promotion of these industrial products would make the United States more secure by depending less on foreign energy sources. This paper presents results of identification and technical performance evaluation of some biobased products. They are potential alternatives to the petroleum based floor strippers. Download PDF file (149.99 kB)

Biobased Cleaners: An Assessment

  March 30, 2005 presentation by Dr. Carole LeBlanc Download PDF file (327.11 kB)