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TURI Funded Green Chemistry Research

Examples of green chemistry research funded by TURI to support innovations that can help companies reduce their use of toxic chemicals are listed below. Go to our Academic Research page to learn about our grant program for UMass researchers.

  •  2009 -- Non Halogenated Flame Retardants - Prof. Ramaswamy Nagarajan and Jayant Kumar, UMass Lowell, Departments of Plastic Engineering and Physics
  •  2009 -- Green Chemistry approach to Nano-Structured Electronics - Prof. Sanjeev Manohar, UMass Lowell, Department of Chemical Engineering.
  •  2006 -- Assessment of Environmentally Benign Photopolymers as an Alternative to the Use of Formaldehyde Based Textile Finishing Agents - Prof. John Warner, UMass Lowell Department of Plastics Engineering.
  •  2003 -- Solvent-Free Synthesis of Phthalocyanines - Prof. Daniel Sandman, UMass Lowell, Chemistry Department,
  •  2001 --Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers and Molecules Using Sugar Reagents and Solventless Reactions - Prof. Daniel J. Sandman, UMass Lowell, Department of Chemistry.
  •  2000 -- Environmentally Benign Control of Polymer Solubility: Photoresist Materials Using DNA Mimics - Prof. John C. Warner, UMass Boston, Department of Chemistry.
  •  1999 -- Enzymatic Synthesis of Non-Formaldehyde Phenolic Polymers: Control of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration - Prof. Kenneth Marx, UMass Lowell, Department of Chemistry.
  •  1999 -- Green Chemistry: Solubility Characterization of Molecular Self Assemblies - Prof. John Warner, UMass Boston, Department of Chemistry.
  •  1998 -- Green Chemistry: Computational Evaluation of Hydroquinone Non-Covalent Derivatives - Prof. John Warner, UMass Boston, Department of Chemistry

If you have research needs or research interests that you feel would be appropriate for TURI funding, please contact Pam Eliason at 978-934-3142 or pam@turi.org