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Nanotechnology promises a wide range of opportunities for innovation in areas like biomedical devices, improved electronic devices, clean energy technology, and materials engineering. TURI's research program looks at two aspects of nanotechnology: its possibilities for producing safer alternatives to traditional materials, and its potential impacts on environmental and occupational health. Nanotechnology holds out potential for environmental improvement, along with the economic benefits of new products of higher quality and greater variety. At the same time, there are indications of potential harm from certain exposures and releases of engineered nanoparticles and it is essential to recognize, reduce and control these risks when they are present. 

Cobalt nanoparticles
Cobalt nanoparticles. Photo: ICN

TURI funds university researchers to investigate the use of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies as alternatives to toxic chemicals, materials and processes. Recent research projects include the use of lead-free nanosolders and nanocomposites in the electronics and wire and cable industries. Visit our Published Research page for these reports.