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Cleaner Technology Demonstration Grant

Chief Operating Officer of ChemGenes Anuj Mohan, left, talks to attendee George Wilkish at a demonstration.

Companies that have already implemented a toxics use reduction (TUR) or resource conversation (RC) project can apply for this grant. Funding is available up to $4,000. Grantees present information about their technology, and how they achieved their success.  Demonstration of the technologies to industry peers is an important part of any Cleaner Technology Demonstration Site event.

There is no deadline associated with application for this grant opportunity.  Companies interested in applying for a Cleaner Technology Demonstration Site grant are requested to submit a Letter of Intent.  You can download Guidelines for the Letter of Intent here, or contact Pam Eliason at 978-934-3142 or pam@turi.org for more information.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your leadership to industry peers as well as to your community.