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Methylene Diphenyl Isocyanate (MDI)

Methylene Diphenyl Isocyanate (MDI) is a poison when inhaled. At room temperature MDI is a solid, but it is sold and used in molten form. Workplaces are the primary source of exposure to MDI, which is an intermediary chemical in the manufacture of polyurethanes. In Massachusetts MDI use is on the rise due to a single facility, which used over 10 million pounds in 1997 to manufacture roofing insulation.

Massachusetts Use Data on Methylene Diphenyl Isocyanate (MDI)

Between 1990 and 1994 MDI use in Massachusetts grew by 2.2 million lbs., or 33%, with Firestone Building Products accounting for 1.9 million lbs.  The EPA's Toxics Release Inventory environmental releases and transfers of MDI for the state increased by 30% between 1990 and 1994.