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Latest Data Release

Info Release
TURAData 2009 Information Release Report

The latest information: core facilities reduced toxic chemical use by 21% and toxic byproducts by 38%

Each year the Department of Environmental Protection, in conjunction with the Toxics Use Reduction Institute and the Office of Technical Assistance, summarizes the data that has been reported under the Toxics Use Reduction Act and releases it to the public.

The Information Release shows the number of filers and chemicals per year, the amount of toxics use reduction progress, the top 20 chemicals and companies and other information the program uses to assess progress.

The just published Information Release reports on data collected by companies at the end of 2009 and submitted to MassDEP in 2010.


The data show continuing toxics use reductions by Massachusetts companies in the TURA program.

The total amount of toxic chemicals reported used in 2009 by companies subject to TURA reporting, (including trade secret data) was 881 million pounds.  Of this total, the 2000 Core Group (industry categories and chemicals subject to reporting in 2000 and 2008) used 796 million pounds, or 90% of the total toxic chemicals reported used.

Adjusting the data to account for a 23% decrease in production from 2000 to 2009, over that nine-year period, the 2000 Core Group facilities reduced:

  • Toxic chemical use by 21%
  • Toxic byproducts by 38%
  • Toxics shipped in product by 21%
  • On-site releases of toxics to the environment by 56%
  • Transfers of toxics off-site for further waste management by 23%

*The 2000 Core Group is a representative sampling of TURA filers that reported in 2000 and 2009. The reductions were between reporting year 2000 and reporting year 2009.