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2013 Resource Conservation Planning Day 2 - Asset Specific Training

Presentations and Sessions - 6 November 2013 


Links to OTA Case Studies are here! 


Session 1A (morning): Water Conservation

Ken Pyzocha - Water Conservation Opportunities

Ron Westgate, Philips Lightolier - Case Study:  Water Conservation Projects, Reductions and Savings at Philips Lightolier 

Session 2A (afternoon): Energy Conservation

Jihad Jajjar, Polartec - Polartec Case Study

John Rizzo, ADI Consulting -Overview of Energy Conservation Measures I

Peter Blauvelt, ADI Consulting - Overview of Energy Conservation Measures II

Galen Nelson, MA Clean Energy Center - Energy Conservation Assistance and Incentives 


Session 2B: Reducing Materials Found in Solid Waste

MA Solid Waste Master Plan

John Fischer MassDEP - Commercial Solid Waste Reduction in MA

Sabrina Pashtan, Boston University - Organics Reduction and Beneficial Diversion

Adam Mitchell, Save That Stuff - Resource Management Contracting

Michelle Faroni, The Furniture Trust - Office Equipment Donation and Reuse