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Autumn 2012 TUR Planner Continuing Education Conference

Presentations and Sessions - November 13, 2012 - Framingham Sheraton Hotel

Keynote Address

Ken Geiser, UMass Lowell, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, Toxics Use Reduction Institute - Reflections on TURA

Session A: New Regulations of Interest to TUR Planners

MA Regulation 527 CMR 33

Federal Regulation 29 CFR 1910.119

Rick Reibstein, MA Office of Technical Assistance -  527 CMR 33, Chemical Process Safety

George Frantz, EPA Region 1 - Regulatory Update

Joanne Regan, OSHA - OSHA Implementation of Globally Harmonized System

Rick Reibstein, Office of Technology Assistance - Regulations Update

Session B: Workshop on Solid Waste Source Reduction - Composting

John Fischer, MassDEP  - Massachusetts Organics Action Plan

Morgan Harriman, Genzyme - Genzyme Composting Program

Lornezo Macaluso, Center for Eco Technology - Recycling Works

Session D: Chemicals and Health: Preventing Cancer through TUR

Molly Jacobs, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production - Chronic Disease Introductory Concepts

Dick Clapp, UMass Lowell - Chemicals & Health, Prenvention Cancer Through TUR

Molly Jacobs, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production - Carcinogens and Asthma Related Chemicals

Session D Workshop Exercise

Session E: Industrial Case Studies

Heidi Wilcox, TURI, and Marko Duffy, Marathon Sales.- TURI Lab Work with an Optics Company (revised)

Sandra Wyman, Sandra Wyman & Associates - Madico Energy Recovery RC Plan (revised)