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Incentives for Energy Conservation

Each organization presented opportunities for companies to realize benefits from energy conservation.

Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources

  Energy costs have never been higher. Saving energy has never been more valuable. Climate is now among highest priorities. Being Green is Good for Business. New Energy Developments: The Green Communities Act Global Warming Solutions Act Green Jobs Act Commonwealth Energy Resource Team Energy Leaders Website Download file (1.80 MB)


  In the past five years alone, NSTAR's energy efficiency programs have helped customers save 6.5 million therms of natural gas and 800,000 megawatt-hours of electricity Such programs are available to both electric and gas customers, and are designed to not only reduce energy bills, but also to help the environment. Download file (3.57 MB)

National Grid

  National Grid offers technical assistance to customers, contractors, vendors, etc., to identify and evaluate energy efficiency opportunities. It also provides incentives to customers to improve the efficiency of equipment and facilities. Download file (5.44 MB)


  Federal credits & incentives for production and investment: Solar energy extended to 2016 Geothermal energy extended through 2010 Wind energy extended through 2009 Biomass energy extended through 2010 Marine energy created and valid through 2010 Combined heat & power systems extended to 2016 Alternative fuels extended through 2009 Accelerated depreciation for smart meters and smart grid systems Removed excise tax for APUs Download file (4.40 MB)