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Water Conservation

Burt Process Rainwater Harvesting

  Increasing demand and decreasing supply of accessible water sources may make rainwater harvesting a feasible alternative. Rainwater harvested is used for non-potable water demands such as flushing fixtures and irrigation. Download file (1.34 MB)

Lightolier Water Conservation

  Lightolier realized that without both focus and changes in the way they were using water, their water budget would be depleted by mid-year. For this reason, the decision was made to prepare a Resource Conservation Plan for Water. The results in water use and cost reduction exceeded their expectations. Download file (10.19 MB)

Vicor Water Conservation

  Water conservation efforts are a chance to be green and to generate green (dollars) for your bottom line. Cost savings and cost avoidance should be some of the benchmarks of any water conservation program. Manufacturing efficiencies can be leveraged to achieve your goals. Download file (1.34 MB)

Valley Plating Zero Discharge

  Valley Chrome aimed to reduce water flow because of the cost of water, Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) restrictions, and environmental concerns, and to reduce treatment equipment size, reduce treatment expenses, be a good neighbor, and potentially reach zero discharge. This had to be done without increasing metal concentrations to avoid potential POTW violations, and in order to reduce liability. Download file (16.97 MB)

SouthCoast Water Reduction Case Study

  SouthCoast Technical Products made changes to their operating processes which brought the company into compliance with Massachusetts environmental regulations and led to significant reductions in water use. With OTA's assistance, the company switched from an elaborate ultra filtration unit to a simple bag filtration process, and was able to reduce more than 200,000 gallons of water and save $37,000 per year. Download PDF file (119.92 kB)