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Spring 2012 TUR Planner Continuing Education Conference

Presentations and Sessions - April 12, 2012 - Boston Newton Marriott Hotel

Session A: Keynote Address

Paul Anastas, Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Engineering - Transitional Technologies for Sustainability

Session B: Preventive Chemical Safety

Timothee Rodrique, MA Department of Fire Services -New MA Chemical Safety Regulations

Scott Graves, Scott Graves & Associates - Insurance costs and toxic use reduction: What you should know

Rick Reibstein, Office of Technology Assistance - Preventive Emergency Planning

Session C: Green Materials - safer alternatives

Elizabeth Grossman, freelance journalist - Why Green Chemistry?

Monica Becker, Monica Becker Associates - The Safer Plasticizer Assessment Project

Session D: Metal Finishing - Technologies and TUR Challenges

Chris Capalbo, New Method Plating - Metal Finishing 101

Mike Nahorniak, Independent Plating - Tri-Chrome Installation

Matt Stauffer, Pavco - Modern Trivalent Chrome Plating Technology Comparison

Joe Ciejka, Lusteron  

Session E: Afternoon Plenary Address

Roger McFadden, Staples, Inc.- Staples Race to the Top, Preventing Product-based Pollution 

Session F: Poster Presentations

TURI - Asthma-Related Chemicals in Massachusetts:  Toxics Use Reduction & Disease Prevention

Joy Onasch, TURI - Eliminating use of toxics chemicals in dry cleaning:  A cost analysis of a wet cleaning shop

Joy Onasch, TURI - TURI's FY2012 Community Grants

Nancy Goodyear, et al, UMass Lowell - Precision and Sensitivity of an ATP Bioluminescence Meter as Compared to Culture

TURI - Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Chemical Facts - N-Propyl Bromide

Zarif Farhana Mohd Aris, et al, UMass Lowell - Polysaccharide Based Surfactants as Alternative to Nonylphenol Ethoxylates

Session G: TUR Project Management Workshop

Madeline Snow, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production - Stakeholder Interest, SOW, Project Management

Session H: Green Materials, Supply Chain Management

Monica Becker, Monica Becker Associates - B2B Communication of Chemical Data Along Supply Chains

Roger McFadden, Staples, Inc. - Green Materials Supply Chain Management

Greg Montello, New Balance - A Sustainable Sourcing Approach

Session I: Energy Conservation

Beka Kosanovic, Industrial Assessment Center - UMass Amherst - Energy Conservation - DOE Best Practice Tools

Michael Ellenbecker, TURI/UMass Lowell - The Impact of Industrial Ventilation Systems on Energy Conservation