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Spring 2013 TUR Planner Continuing Education Conference

Presentations and Sessions - 11 April 2013 - Sturbridge Host Hotel and Conference Center

Files are being uploaded Monday morning, 8 April !!

Keynote Address

Art Fong, IBM -   TUR = Environmental Leadership and Smart Business

Session A: Water Conservation

Amy Vickers, Amy Vickers & Assoc., Water Conservation (3-per-page handout)

Session A Online Links

Session B: Stick to the Safer Stuff!

Pam Eliason, TURI - Adhesives Use and Innovations in MA (3-per-page handout), full-page slides

Dan Schmidt, UMass-Lowell -  Safer Alternatives:  What's on the Horizon (3-per-page handout), full-page slides

Greg Montello, New Balance  - Adhesives in Footwear (3-per-page handout), full-page slides

Barbara Strickland, Worthen Ind - Adhesives and Sealants in MA (3-per-page handout), full-page slides

Session C: Hazard Analysis, Process Safety Management, and TUR

MA Regulation 527 CMR 33

Federal Regulation 29 CFR 1910.119

Anthony Cartolano, SPEC -  Understanding How Process Safety Management Applies to Your Facility (3-per-page handout), full-page slides

Session D: Energy Auditing and Conservation for SMEs

Ernie Barbato, Mr. John's Cleaners - Mr. John's Energy Efficiency Case Study (3-per-page handout), full-page slides

Mark Myles, TURI - Energy Auditing for SMEs (3-per-page handout), full-page slides

Session E:  TUR Plans - Doing them Right, Doing them Well 

Suzi Peck, MassDEP; Lucy Servidio, Capaccio Environmental; Linda Swift Capaccio Environmental - TUR Plans, full-page slides

Session F:  Globally Harmonized System 

Rick Foote, Triumvirate Environmental; Liz Harriman, TURI; and Joanne Regan, US Dept. of Labor/OSHA - GHS for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (3-per-page handout), full-page slides

Session F online links