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Toxics Use Reduction Planner Training

The Toxics Use Reduction Planner Certification Course 

Offered once per calendar year and open to anyone, the Toxics Use Reduction Planner Course provides 48 hours of core instruction over a seven-week period. Skills and tools covered are valuable in any production or service context in any industry, and is valuable even for those who may not go on to become TUR Planners. Participants learn a systematic approach to identifying waste and inefficiencies, to compare and implement opportunities to reduce toxics, to continually improve a TUR program -- and to do so with a positive impact on financial performance. This course will prepare you to create an effective TUR plan under requirements of the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act, or improve an existing one.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop results-focused goals and objectives for reducing waste and toxics use
  • Assemble teams to leverage diverse expertise within the facility
  • Enlist upper management support
  • Perform process characterizations of facility or service operations
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities to reduce toxic chemical use  
  • Make your operations more sustainable by reducing waste and conserving resources
  • Perform technical and economic evaluations of TUR options
  • Take the TUR Planner Certification exam given by MassDEP

Course Format

The class meets once a week for 7 weeks. Two 3½ hour modules are presented each day, with a 1 hour break in between for lunch.  Each module is taught by one of a team of highly-qualified instructors, most of whom represent Massachusetts industries. Instructors use a mix of lecture, facilitated discussion, and group learning techniques.The course also features a real-world case study exercise, for which students work in small teams to develop a realistic Toxics Use Reduction Plan. Students are assigned weekly readings and homework for completion outside of class.

Course Prerequisites

The course is open to anyone who is interested, whether from Massachusetts or elsewhere.  Although we do not require any particular level of educational achievement to attend, students will be expected to solve math problems at the level of introductory high-school algebra, to understand physical units of measurement, take part in classroom discussions, and present technical and business information in both written and oral form.

Becoming a Certified General TUR Planner

This course is a prerequisite for taking the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) examination to become a state-certified General TUR Planner. Simply taking this course alone will not certify you as a Toxics Use Reduction Planner.  As required by 310 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) 50.52, General Planners must: (1) complete this course with a passing grade; (2) document their education and experience; and (3) pass the DEP exam.  Limited TUR Planners may qualify without taking the exam, depending on their level of education and experience.   NOTE: Course attendance is required in order to receive a certificate of completion. If you have any questions about certification requirements, contact Walter Hope at MassDEP at (617) 292-5982.

Continuing Education Conferences

Once certified, Planners must meet certain requirements to maintain their certification, including obtaining a minimum number of continuing education credits. TURI provides numerous training opportunities for planners to acquire these credits throughout the year.

For information on upcoming TUR Planner courses, check the TURI calendar. For detailed information on the course, or to register, contact us.

Classroom Work