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Kidde-Fenwal - New Coating Technologies Provide Big Payoffs. OTA 1996.

  By updating its coating operations with 1990s technologies including computer-programmed spray applications and ultraviolet (UV) curing, Kidde-Fenwal Incorporated reduced its air emissions by 75%, eliminated 20 drums per year of flammable waste, and reduced its production cycle by an entire day. The new system, which also reduced the amount of coating used per printed circuit board by 96%, is expected to save the company $300,000 annually, providing a payback on its investment in less than one year. Download PDF file (107.42 kB)

Tubed Products, Inc. - Ultraviolet Curing of Inks and Coatings. OTA 1995.

  In the early 1970s, Tubed Products, Inc., of Easthampton, Massachusetts, introduced production changes to allow the use of 100 % solids ultraviolet curable inks to decorate plastic squeeze tubes. Approximately five years later the technology to cure epoxy coatings for the tubes became available, enabling the company to convert to ultraviolet curing in all decorating and coating operations. This means that inks and coatings no longer need to be dried by heat-evaporation of solvents, and thus toxic solvents are no longer evaporated off into the surrounding environment. These changes have also resulted in increased line speeds, energy savings and more economical use of floor space. Download PDF file (24.51 kB)