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Regulatory Context

Reflecting the potent hazards posed by acrylonitrile, it is part of six different lists of toxic chemicals that have been established under separate U.S. legislative authorities:

  • Clean Air Act — Hazardous Air Pollutant and Regulated Toxic, Explosive, Or Flammable Substances List
  • Clean Water Act — Priority Pollutants List
  • Comprehensive Environmental Responsibility, Compensation and Liability Act (popularly known as “Superfund”) — Extremely Hazardous Substances List
  • Occupational and Safety Health Act — Air Contaminants List
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act — Hazardous Constitutents List
  • Superfund Amendments Reauthorization Act — Toxics Release Inventory

In addition, the U.S. FDA regulates acrylonitrile as a food additive because acrylonitrile may leach from plastic packaging into food.