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Garment Wet Cleaning, Utopia Cleaners. 1996.

TURI Technical Report No. 35. Perchloroethylene, or PCE, is the cleaning agent used by over 80% of U.S. dry cleaners. More than 30,000 dry cleaning machines nationwide used 270 million pounds of PCE in 1991, two thirds of which was lost to the atmosphere. Though emission control technologies have helped to reduce the volume of PCE that is lost, large amounts of PCE are still used by the dry cleaning industry. In recent years studies have identified ecological and human health hazards associated with PCE usage, prompting users and consumers to seek alternative processes. One garment cleaning alternative that has emerged uses water and biodegradable detergents to remove soils. Utopia Cleaners of Arlington, Massachusetts has purchased a DaeWoo wet cleaning machine which replaced its PCE dry cleaning machine, making Utopia a PCE-free garment cleaning facility.

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