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Toxics Use Reduction for Industrial Sectors

Category Title
Aerospace and Defense Lockheed Martin Report on Hex Chrome Free Sealants: Phase I
Auto Body 912 Auto Center.2014.
Electronics Getting the lead out of electronics. 2009
Brooks Instrument, LLC. Lead-free Electronics Implementation. 2008.
Export Case: Lead Free Electronics Industry. 2006
Phase III - Reliability Testing Results of Surface Mounted Lead Free Soldering Materials and Processes, 2005
Developing and Analyzing Lead-Free Soldering Processes for Printed Wiring Boards. 2000.
Evaluation and Implementation of No-Clean Solder for Surface Mount Technology. 1997
Cupric Chloride Etch Regeneration. 1997
Arsine Source Replacement for the Growth of Gallium Arsenide via MOCVD. 1993.
Health and Safety Impacts of Citrus-based Terpenes in Printed Circuit Board Cleaning. 1993.
Metal Processing Ammonia Reduction for Heat Treat Furnace Atmospheres. 1997
Plastics and Resins Green(er) PVC:The Development of Lead and Phthalate-Free Nanocomposite Formulations with Practical Utility. 2007.
Evaluation of the Interactions Between Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Polymeric Materials. 1994.
Styrene Use in Massachusetts. 1993.
Textiles Sustainable Routes to Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants Based on Phenolic Monomers. 2009.
Natural "Green" Dyes for the Textile Industry. 2003.
Wire & Cable Green(er) PVC: The Development of Lead and Phthalate-Free Nanocomposite Formulations with Practical Utility. 2007.
Improved Lead-Free Wire and Cable Insulation Performance Using Nanocomposites. 2006
Assessing the Electrical Properties of Alternative Wire and Cable Coatings: Metallocene EPDM. 2004.
Environmentally Benign Resins and Additives, for Use in the Wire and Cable Industry. 2003.
Environmental Challenges and Materials Restrictions in Coated Wire and Cable. 2003
Environmental, Health and Safety Issues in the Coated Wire and Cable Industry. 2002.
TURA Data Review-Cable and Wire Industry Sector. 2002.
Elimination of Acid and Lead on Wire Strand Annealing and Galvanizing, Riverdale Mills Corp. 2000.