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TURI is Hiring a New Director

TURI is searching a new director. Apply for the Director and Research Professor position.

This new position combines the best of both worlds – research and leadership. 

You’ll lead a passionate group of professionals to protect the health and safety of workers and residents in Massachusetts and beyond from toxic chemical use. You’ll also apply your research to industries and communities to make an immediate impact.

Although substantial progress has been made towards reducing toxics in Massachusetts, there’s still much more work to do. That’s where you come in. Apply your leadership skills, collaborative spirit and research expertise to make Massachusetts a safer place to live and work.

See more details and apply.

What Does TURI Do?

We get challenged every day – “it’s too expensive to switch to something safer, it’s not technically possible, toxic chemicals work!” TURI helps to remove these barriers. We offer research and testing to help companies find safer alternatives, we train environmental, health and safety professionals on the latest in toxics use reduction and we offer grants to ease the financial commitment.
The companies we serve prove over and over that reducing toxics makes financial sense. Watch this video to hear directly from them:

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