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TURI Requests Community Grant Proposals

Lowell, May 7, 2007--The Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell seeks proposals from non-profit community or environmental organizations, municipal departments and agencies located in Massachusetts.

TURI is offering two levels of funding--$1,000 grants for smaller toxics use reduction projects and up to $15,000 for larger projects. The proposal deadline of June 29, 2007 is earlier than in past years with projects spanning August 2007-June 2008.

Sample project ideas include increasing the use of safer materials in public housing, encouraging organic lawn care and safer alternatives to pesticides on town property, reducing lead sinkers used in recreational fishing, and raising awareness of toxic materials used in hair and nail salons.

Public housing authorities, water departments, neighborhood associations, environmental groups, labor unions, fire and police departments, libraries, boards of health, and schools as well as youth with an interest in community service--all are encouraged to apply.

To better understand grant requirements and elements of successful projects, organizations are encouraged to attend a TURI pre-grant workshop at UMass Lowell on Thursday, May 24th, 9AM -11AM or Tuesday, May 29th, 6PM - 8 PM.
To sign up for a workshop or to learn more, contact Joy Onasch, TURI Community Program Manager, joy@turi.org, 978-934-4343. To download a grant application package, visit www.turi.org/community

Now in its thirteenth year, the goal of the TURI Community Grant Program is to help organizations raise awareness of the hazards of toxic chemical use and introduce safer alternatives within their neighborhoods. Toxics Use Reduction is a proactive approach that involves reducing pollution at its source, rather than treating wastes once produced or reacting to health and environmental consequences.