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Environmental Justice, Social Justice Consultant

TURI seeks a consultant to provide an analytical report on communities in Massachusetts that are disproportionately impacted by the use and release of toxic chemicals. 

The current state of environmental justice and inequality among workers in Massachusetts are the primary themes of the analysis. The report will be used internally to help TURI identify opportunities to further strengthen the protection of vulnerable and sensitive groups, such as communities of color and migrant workers, among others.

About TURI

The Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) is a pioneering institute dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. Over its 30-year history, TURI enabled companies to reduce their use of hazardous chemicals by over 40% and slash the release of toxic pollutants to the environment by over 90%.

We believe everyone should enjoy a healthy environment and safe work. TURI’s dynamic team of scientists and policy experts develop innovative opportunities to turn this vision into reality. TURI encourages staff to use their creativity, knowledge entrepreneurial spirit to work collaboratively with a diverse array of businesses and researchers to prevent cancer, respiratory illnesses, childhood diseases and disabilities, among other adverse health outcomes linked to toxic exposures.

Our work focuses on identifying safer alternatives to toxic chemicals of high concern, promoting adoption of safer alternatives in businesses both small and large and encouraging use of proven techniques designed to prevent pollution and occupational exposures.

TURI projects include providing training in toxics use reduction professionals worldwide, conducting cutting edge research and development of safer alternatives to high hazard substances, assisting manufacturing facilities, small businesses and community organizations implement projects to reduce toxics use, testing the performance of safer cleaners and disinfectants in our unique laboratory and analyzing policies related to emerging chemical concerns. 

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A report on environmental and social justice as it relates to the use of toxics in Massachusetts that contains:

  • An overview of disproportionate impacts of toxics use in Massachusetts from
    • (a) releases to the environment
    • (b) occupational conditions
  • Identification of groups at highest risk
  • Known and estimated impacts
  • Information gaps
  • Emblematic cases
  • Priority issues, chemical and sectors
  • Protection gaps
  • Ongoing efforts to advance equality and justice for affected communities
  • A bibliography of references to all sources of information use including original copies of academic articles and notes from interviews (if conducted).

Fee and payment

Consultant to propose their fee. 50% of the total fee will paid at the beginning of the project with the remainder paid upon receipt and approval of all deliverables. 

Consultant Criteria

The consultant should meet the following profile:

  • In-depth knowledge of environment justice, social justice or other related topicsFamiliarity with the health impacts of pollution and chemical hazards at work
  • Excellent research, analytical and writing skills
  • Experience of conducting similar research and reports
  • Similar work sample(s) provided

How to Apply

To apply to do this work, please submit the information below to [email protected].

  • A short statement of interest including qualifications and proposed approach
  • Resume(s)/CV(s) of all individuals proposed
  • Proposed structure for the report
  • Proposed timetable/workplan and budget including day rate(s) and estimated number of days
  • Relevant work product
  • References