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“Toxics Use Reduction is a tool that we use continuously in our facility because we’ve found that the benefits are extensive – we are protecting worker health and the environment, improving efficiencies and saving money. Receiving the TURA 25th Leadership award validates our work and for that, we are very appreciative.
- Anuj Mohan, Chief Operating Officer, ChemGenes in Wilmington

Company Success Stories

TURA 25th Anniversary Leadership Award

The Toxics Use Reduction Act program recognized nine companies, one community group and one small business workgroup as TURA 25th Anniversary Leaders. The awards celebrate the organizations' substantial achievements to reduce the use of toxic chemicals, reduce waste and conserve energy and water. View the accomplishments of the TURA 25th Anniversary Leaders.

Elizabeth Harriman, Senator Bruce Tarr, Elizabeth Tshudy, Ira Moskowitz, and Lisa Wilk.

“It all started with our training in Toxics Use Reduction planning that has become pervasive throughout ADI. The planning framework gives our team a tool to constantly analyze and improve everything we do. Our mindset is relentless pursuit of perfection. And it’s worked. We’ve been able to increase production, save money, improve safety and become more competitive.”
Beth Tshudy, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Analog Devices, Wilmington

In 2010, the TURA Program honored 11 businesses as 20th Anniversary Leaders.