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Columbia Manufacturing

Columbia Manufacturing was named a TURA 25th Anniversary Leader.

  • Recovers and reuses 98 percent of the nickel and chromic acid plating chemistry from a modern, efficient plating line.
  • Eliminated the use of 147,000 gallons per day of process water and no longer generates 130,000 gallons per day of wastewater from the new plating processes.
  • Recovers all wastewater to use as deionized water in the rinse baths.
  • Saving $3 million in water and sewer fees, $3.85 million in nickel purchases and $800,000 in chromium purchases.

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As a small business, it was a big risk for us to change our manufacturing line. But I’m proud to say that with the guidance of the Office of Technical Assistance, we expanded and upgraded our plating line. We would not be in business today without the improvements we made to reduce water use, chemical use, hazardous waste and wastewater.
- Senior Vice President Ali Salehi of Columbia Manufacturing