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Independent Plating

Independent Plating was named a TURA 25th Anniversary Leader.

  • Reduced the use of toxic chemicals by more than 500,000 pounds, including:
    • Cyanide compounds by 95 percent
    • Hexavalent chromium compounds by 88 percent
    • Hydrofluoric acid by 100 percent
  • Reduced the use of acids, bases and other reportable metal compounds.
  • Made the switch from hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium on several production lines, with assistance from a TURI incentive grant.

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Constant improvement is embedded in our culture and it stems from the TURA planning process. When we first started reporting toxic chemical use and submitting plans to the state 25 years ago, we were fulfilling a requirement. But now, by using safer materials we are viewed as a leader by our customers and are protecting worker health and saving money in the process.
- Charlie Flanagan, CEO and President, Independent Plating