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Thursday December 14 2017 - Chemistry Matters: Management, Handling & the State of the Science

Time:     8 am – 4:30 pm

 Place:    Publick House, Crafts Hall, 277 Main Street, Sturbridge, MA

 Cost:      $75 MCTA Members and $125 non-members 

The morning will detail ongoing scientific and regulatory global, federal and state efforts to classify nanoscale materials; identify uses and applications, and; determine hazards and exposure pathways. Speakers will review the state of the science on the potential impact on nanoscale materials on environmental and occupational health as well as the availability of safer alternatives.
After lunch, speakers will provide information on charges to the Tier II reporting requirements as prescribed by the EPA and its impact on Tier II filers in Massachusetts. Discussion will include how the proposed changes to the report incorporate the Global Harmonization System and the classification of chemicals’ physical and health hazard properties including toxicity flammability, and chronic hazards. 
The day will close with an update of changes to the State Fire Code and how those changes impact the regulation and requirements for handling, storage and emergency response for covered processes.

To register, or for questions about the program or half-day rates, contact Katherine Robertson at katherine@masscta.org or 508-791-0445.

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