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Tuesday March 10 2015 - WEBINAR: Identifying Safer Solvents Using Hansen Solubility Parameters

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

Understanding solubility is fundamental to dealing with the safety implications of chemicals and their replacements. A safe plasticiser is no use if it is not compatible with the polymer. A safe solvent replacement is no use if its solubility properties are very different. A safe dispersing agent is no use if it cannot compatabilise. The Hansen Solubility Parameter approach to all such problems is tried and tested and using the HSPiP software package it is easy to address complex solubility problems for safety and formulation purposes. TURI has invited Prof Steven Abbott, one of the authors of HSPiP, to give a webinar using the software live to quickly show some of the basics of HSP then to address common applications for the software like finding a solvent blend to replace a current solvent, identifying plasticisers that are more compatible with a given polymer, using smart “read-across” between chemicals and making rational choices about protective gloves. There will be time for an on-line Q&A session. 

Prof Abbott has an Oxford/Harvard chemistry PhD and has worked in the chemical and coatings industry. He is now independent and is well-known for his AbbottApps where he attempts to give away as much of his knowledge as possible in the form of apps that explain solubility, adhesion, surfactants, nanocoatings, and much more.

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