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The deadline for this year's grant submissions has passed. To receive next year's request for proposals or to talk with a TURI staff member about your project ideas, contact the people listed below.

TURI has had a robust grants program for decades, working diligently to assist large and small companies, as well as community groups and academic researchers, achieve meaningful reductions in the use of toxic chemicals. This work is done through implementation of TUR techniques, education about toxics and their associated health impacts, and development of safer alternatives to chemicals of concern.

Minimizing the use of toxic chemicals is the most effective means of protecting workers and the public and can lead to meaningful cost savings. In addition, exposure to toxic chemicals contributes to rates of chronic illnesses; these underlying conditions put people more at risk during outbreaks such as COVID-19.

We continue to be optimistic that we will be able to fund some grants this fiscal year, and so we are encouraging those with ideas to contact us and submit proposals. We will prioritize projects that address the current situation, for example, outreach or implementation of safer cleaning and disinfecting.

Industry Grants

Industry Grants provide funding to qualified Massachusetts manufacturers to implement process modification or modernization opportunities that reduce the use of toxic chemicals. Contact Joy Onasch.

Small Business Grants

Small Business Grants provide funding to qualified small businesses in Massachusetts to change processes or replace toxic chemicals with safer alternatives. Contact Joy Onasch.


Community Grants

Community Grants are available for community organizations and municipal departments to create and promote healthier communities by implementing toxics use reduction projects and educating people about safer alternatives. Contact Felice Kincannon.

Academic Research Grants

Academic Research Grants provide seed funding to UMass faculty and graduate students to conduct research intended to help Massachusetts companies develop solutions for some of the more challenging uses of toxic chemicals. Contact Greg Morose

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Overview of Grant Projects

Grant funding is limited, and awards are contingent on the funding received by TURI in FY2021 (beginning July 1, 2020). TURI will make every effort to award grants as in past years; however, it is uncertain whether our budget and the timing of the grants will be impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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