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Aerospace and Defense Conference, September 2013

Aerospace/Defense Industry Supply Chain Conference: Chemicals of Concern and Safer Solutions

September 24, 2013, Sturbridge Host and Conference Center, Sturbridge MA

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Presentations Presenters
Focus on the European Union’s REACH regulation and its implications for the Aerospace/Defense supply chain: Overview of REACH and key obligations  Chris Robertson, Head of Regulatory Compliance, ERA Technology Ltd, United Kingdom
Keynote Address – Initiatives to Promote and Adopt Sustainable Chemicals and Materials for DoD:
Sustainable Chemicals & Materials for Defense Forum, Chemicals Management Policy, REACH Strategic Plan, and Emerging Contaminants Program.
Drew Rak, Senior Environmental Health Scientist, leads Noblis’ efforts to support the DoD’s Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment)
Technical Panel Discussion - Conversion Coatings: Hex Chromium and Emerging Safer Alternatives Scott Jones, Lockheed Martin
Joe Ciejka, Luster-On Products
Jarrod Courtemanche, Coating Systems
(moderator: Pam Eliason, TURI)
Rare-earth inhibitors as safer alternatives to chromate conversion coatings and primers Dr. William Fahrenholtz, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Aerospace/Defense Industry Collaborative Research – Finding safer solutions to hexavalent chromium for sealant applications Dr. Gregory Morose, University of Massachusetts Lowell, TURI
Technical Panel Discussion - Cadmium/Nickel Plating and Emerging Safer Alternatives Richard Misiaszek, Raytheon
Fran DiGiovanni, MacDermid
Marko Duffy, past president of NESF