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December 2003


Lead Free Supply Chain Forum December 3, 2003 General Dynamics C4 Systems

Massachusetts Lead Free Consortium Update

  Author: Dr. Sammy Shina, Professor, University of Massachusetts, Lowell Download PDF file (1.08 MB)

Lead-Free Implementation

  Author: Phil Zarrow, ITM Consulting, Manchester, NH Download PDF file (1.23 MB)

Implementing Lead-Free Assembly at Your Factory

  Author: Ronald C. Lasky, Indium Corporation and Dartmouth College Download PDF file (866.16 kB)

An Overview of Successful Pb-Free Implementation,(PAPER)

  Author: Ronald C. Lasky, Ph.D., PE, and Timothy Jensen, Indium Corporation Download PDF file (493.46 kB)

Lead Free Component Qualification

  Author: Dr. Robert D. Hilty, Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, PA Download PDF file (945.81 kB)